Special Rules

The Following is a list of special rules found on certain pieces of wargear/biomorphs. When you recieve an item, it will only list the special rule title. This page is for reference as to what that rule does. Here they are, alphabetically.

Nominate a none blast, none template weapon at the beginning of your shooting phase. Wounds infliced by that weapon may be allocated by the shooter. All other wounds inflicted by the rest of the shooting still follow normal allocation rules.

Eye On The Prize
Your HQ and his attached Unit are scoring units.

Gauss Mastery
When firing at a vehicle, you HQ and his attached unit may reroll none 6s if they are firing gauss weaponry.

“It’s In My Head!”
Your Paroxysm now also reduces it’s target’s initiative to 1.

“It’s Leading All The Scary Ones!”
Your HQ may join a unit of warriors.

Jump Infantry
Your HQ is now considered Jump Infantry in addition to it’s other unit types.

Psychic Inquisition
Psychic Power: Nominate a model within 18". Both your HQ and that model roll leadership. For every 1 you roll higher than that model, you deal 1 wound to that model. Normal Saves allowed.

Mass Ressurection
Durring the beginning of your movement phase, announce that you are activating this ability. Until the beginning of your next, all units with Reanimation Protocols reanimate on a 2+. This ability may only be used once per battle, and reduces your HQs toughness to 3 while it is active.

Orbital Strike
Durring your shooting phase, if you did not move, you may call down an orbital strike. This works exactly like Orbital Strike Relay wargear (Space Marine Codex), but may only be used once per game. An HQ that uses this may not assault.

Plasma Mastery
Your HQ and it’s attached unit may reroll 1s for to hit and Gets Hot if using plasma weapons.

“That Big One’s The Leader!”
Increases the range of your synapse to 18 inches.

Unleash Devastation
At the beginning of your shooting phase, announce that you will be using this ability. You may only use this ability if you did not move durring the movement phase. You may fire all your weapons at 50% increased range and with 1 addition shot each. You may not move durring the assault phase. You may not shoot durring your next turn’s shooting phase.

Special Rules

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